Welcome to Olivarera Baja Mar - gourmet olive oilsBaja Olive Company [Olivarera Baja Mar], located in the State of Baja California, Mexico, was incorporated in 2000, with operations of commissioning of the olive having been initiated in 1998. The varieties included are Mission, Manzanita, Picual, Barnea, Arbequina, Frantonio and Leccino, all dedicated to the production of our gourmet olive oils. 
Baja Olive's two production areas are located in Rancho San Telmo, south of Ensenada, BC, and in Rancho La Mesa in the Valley of Mexicali. The olive groves are specific to our company, with 70,000 trees in production. In December 2006, we produced 180,000 liters of extra virgin olive oil. By 2009, our production had risen to 500,000 liters per year. 
At Baja Olive, we are the experts in the production of olives for our gourmet olive oils.

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